Technology Management

The Department of Technology Management was established in 2014. The lecturers of the department are high-qualified professionals, who possess not only scientific knowledge in Project Management, but also have considerable practical experience in implementing project management systems.

The Department of Technology Management prepares masters in specialty “Project Management”, specialization: Management of IT Projects. The masters obtain qualification of Project and Program Manager. We invite graduates with Bachelor’s or Master’s degree to enter the program.

The prominent feature of training at the Department is our commitment to hands-on experience. Our students gain relevant practical knowledge and have the opportunity to express themselves during the training process and to test the level of their proficiency in modeled project environment.

Our graduates can be successfully engaged in:

  • organization, planning and control of the processes of information technology and systems creation and implementation;
  • management of IT projects in all sectors of the economy, business and public administration;
  • leadership of project teams;
  • risk management, cost management, information management, term management as well as management of human resources engaged in projects.

In addition, each student may create their own business in IT sphere, using the subject materials, which are taught during the training. Our academics develop all the materials, applying not just well-known theory, but their personal practical experience.

The Department cooperates with many Ukrainian leading IT companies and encourages its students for internship and future employment.

Research Activities

The Department of Technology Management is actively pursuing research, focused on the following tasks:

  • Development of project management systems for various sectors of the national economy of Ukraine.
  • Homeostatic project management methodology development.
  • Project management matrix information technology development.
  • Design of a project-based methodology for managing universities.
  • Development of project management tools for the Kyiv University informational support program.

The department closely cooperates with the following IPMA members: the Ukrainian, Russian, Azejbarjani, Belarusian and Japanese Project Management Associations.

The department’s employees and students take part in the annual International Scientific Conference “Project Management in the Development of Society”, held in late May.

International Relations

The Department’s activities are closely connected with the international organizations involved in Project Management. The best Project Management experience concentrates in such structures as the International Project Management Association (IPMA), the Project Management Institute (PMA).

The department closely cooperates with the following IPMA members: the Ukrainian, Russian, Azejbarjani, Belarusian and Japanese Project Management Associations.

The academics of the department exchange their scientific and practical achievements with international colleagues, actively participate in international conferences on Project Management, held not only in Ukraine but also in CIS countries and Europe.

The Department’s main motto: Learning through Practice. Theoretical lessons are held three times a week in the evenings. The rest of the time students work together on projects in class as well as independently at home.


The Department of Technology Management
Tel./Fax: +38 044 521 32 77
Bogdana Havrylyshyna str, 24, room 416
Kyiv, Ukraine, 03022

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