Intellectual and Information Systems

Intellectual and Information Systems

The Department of Intellectual and Information Systems prepares graduates in the field of Computer Science. The Master programs in the specialties “Artificial Intelligence System” and “System Design” are in the planning stage.

The department training is focused on the study of theory and practice of the following aspects:

  • Integrated enterprise information systems engineering;
  • The design of decision support and expert systems for various activities;
  • The use of distributed systems and parallel computing in order to find effective solutions of practical problems;
  • The use of Grid-and Cloud as technologies and resources for knowledge-intensive tasks solutions;
  • Economic and technical systems optimization based on neural network technology and artificial life simulation;
  • Internet application design with the use of artificial intelligence.

The modern world observes rapid dynamics, especially in the field of Information Technology. The exponential growth of information requires the creation of information processing systems, which are based on new scientific and engineering paradigms. It is rationally to treat large volumes of data with the aid of artificial intelligence technology using mechanisms, which are analogous to the processes of nature functioning. The complex large-scale calculations which are necessary for solving problems of bioengineering, medicine, geoinformatics, weather forecasting, processing satellite images and data of Hadron Collider, require the use of cluster systems, distributed or Grid- and Grad technologies.

After having received the appropriate knowledge and acquired necessary skills studying Computer Science, students can be confident that their qualification is not just interesting and cutting-edge , but relevant in the labor market.


Scientific workers of the department:




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