Cyber Security and Information Protection

The Department of Cyber Security and Information Protection was established in 2014. The Department employs highly qualified lecturers who not only possess scientific knowledge in the field of Information Security, but also have work experience in the information security system operation and implementation.

The aim of the Department’s establishment was to prepare highly-skilled and competitive in the world market experts in the field of information security and information security management. The Department trains professionals in the Information Technology branch of knowledge, specialty 125. Information Security. The Department offers the following academic programmes: Security of Information and Communication Systems and Information Security Management.

It is planned to open the Master’s programme in 2018, enabling to train bachelors further and prepare them for entering postgraduate courses.

The Department has training laboratories as well as the research laboratory “Cybernetic Polygon”.
During the tuition students receive a fundamental training in higher mathematics, probability theory and mathematical statistics, discrete mathematics, physics and others.
The professionally-oriented subjects provide basic knowledge on all the aspects of Information Security, such as the following ones:

  • Programming technologies;
  • Information and Coding Theory;
  • Operation Systems;
  • Information Protection in Information and Communications Systems;
  • Applied Cryptology;
  • Electronics;
  • Compute System Architecture;
  • Information and Communication Systems;
  • Information Security Management;
  • Complex Systems of Information Protection etc.

Graduates are prepared for the needs of public authorities, law-enforcement ministries and departments, tax and customs services, departments of information security companies and banking institutions, other entities related to the organization and implementation of information security, ensuring cyber security in the information sector.

The laboratories of the Department are supplied with necessary equipment and modern software products. This enables to prepare experts, who will address a number of pressing problems in terms of information security and war on cybercrime, providing the development, implementation and operation of technical protection systems in the objects of information activity.

The profound theoretical and practical training, received by students at the Department, will allow them to successfully realize themselves in science as well as in industry and business.

Research Activities

The purpose of the scientific research at the Department is the development of scientific activities, including fundamental and applied research. The main fields of scientific research are theory and practice of intelligent systems construction, fuzzy control algorithms, logical and linguistic modeling in cyberspace, theory and practice of automated systems design and expertise, models and methods for construction of a comprehensive information security system in threat conditions.

Different scientific seminars and round tables are intentionally conducted in order to achieve the goal and develop the Department in terms of scientific activities.

II Scientific and Practical Conference
Information sheet

International Cooperation

The Department cooperates effectively with foreign firms, companies and universities, that means the improvement of learning process and its approach to the relevant international education standards. Furthermore, the cooperation creates conditions for the rapid implementation of international experience in the existing system of training and provides the competitive advantage of our graduates in the global labor market.

Within the TEMPUS programme the Department cooperates with the universities of Sweden, Latvia, Greece, Poland in educational research projects that allow students to study simultaneously in European universities and get double degree.


The Department of Cyber Security and Information Protection
Tel./Fax: +38 044 521 32 77
Site of department:
81 Lomonosova Str., Room 103
Kyiv, Ukraine, 03022

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