Liudmyla Zubyk

Зубик Людмила Володимирівна

Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Program Systems and Technology. 

Higher Education:

Taras Shevchenko State University of Kyiv. Mathematician.

Defended Thesis:

  • PhD: 13.00.04 – Theory and methodology of vocational education, “Formation of professional competencies of future bachelors in information technology in the process of studying professional disciplines”.

Work experience: 

  • 1989-2019. National University of Water and Environmental Engineering (Rivne): engineer of Research Department, Assistant, Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor, Deputy Director of the Educational and Scientific Institute of Automation, Cybernetics and Computer Engineering for Scientific Work of NUWEE.
  • 2019-2020. Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Associate Professor.

Scientific papers: 

More than 80 scientific papers, 3 textbooks (among them 1 – with the stamp “Recommended by MESU”), 46 articles in professional editions of Ukraine, 13 abstracts at conferences. Hirsch’s Index in Google Scholar’s – 3.


Main publications:

1. Monographs, textbooks, tutorials
– Zubyk L.V., Zubyk Y.Y., Karpovych I.M. Informatics and computer technology in water management, Rivne, NUWEE, 2008, 306 p. (link)
– Zubyk L.V., Zubyk Y.Y., Karpovych І.М. Informatics workshop. Photoshop Basics. Rivne, NUWEE, 2010, 220 p. (link)
– Zubyk L.V., Karpovych І.М., Stepanchenko О.М. Basics of modern web technologies, Rivne, NUWEE, 2016, 290 p. (link)

2. Publications indexed by Scopus or Web of Science
– Ivanytska A., Zubyk L., Dudnik A., Kurchenko O., Berestov D. Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Information Technology Methods for Processing Diagnostic Information Based on Complex Data, 2022 IEEE 3rd International Conference on System Analysis and Intelligent Computing, SAIC 2022 – Proceedings, 2022, Kyiv, Ukraine. (link)
– Ivanytska A., Zubyk L., Zubyk Y., Ivanov D. The advertising prediction model based on machine learning technologies, 2021 VIII International conference Information Technology and Implementation, IT&I 2021, Kyiv, Ukraine. (link)
– Іваницька А.Ю., Іванов Д.Є., Зубик Л.В. Модель прогнозування поведінки покупця на основі технологій аналізу великих даних // Вісник Національного технічного університету “Харківський політехнічний інститут”, Серія “Інформатика та моделювання”, #2(6), 2021, с.89-100. (link)
– Ivanytska A., Zubyk L., Ivanov D., Domracheva K. Study of methods of complex data analysis based on machine learning technologies. 2019 IEEE International Conference on Advanced Trends in Information Theory, ATIT 2019 – Proceedings, 2019, Kyiv, Ukraine, pp. 332-335. (link)

Scientific interests:

High school pedagogy, web technologies, artificial intelligence.


  • Certificate of NUWEE
  • Honorary diploma of NUWEE
  • Certificate of the State Committee of Ukraine for Water Management
  • Honorary diploma from Rivne City Council and Executive Committee

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